Safest Careers in 2012

We work on workTop 10 Safest Careers to Pursue in 2012

There is a number of fields that thrive even when the economy is down. No matter how much people cut on their expenses, there are some they have to face this way or the other. Those indispensable expenses include healthcare, energy use, taxes and some others. If you are looking for a recession-proof career to pursue, choose one of the following fields.

• Education. Kids will go to school no matter how down the economy is, so teachers will never be unemployed. When the economy is down, a lot of people become unemployed and choose to continue their education.
• Healthcare. When short of money, people get sick even more. This happens because of the stress they undergo, unhealthy food they eat and preventive measures they fail to take due to the lack of money and/or insurance.
• Utilities. Even as people cut back as much as they can, they still use utility service like energy, water supply, etc. So, such jobs in this field like utility maintenance, administration and the like will never be non-demanded.
• Energy. This field supports not only regular customers, but industries and government structures as well. This industry has a lot of potential to grow and develop more efficient ways of using energy in order to decrease its use.
• Public safety. Crime thrives, when economy is down. This fact makes a career in public safety secure against layoffs.
• International business. While the economy is down in U.S., it may be doing quite well in other countries. Your career will stay safe, if you are involved in international business.
• Accounting. If there are two sure things in our life, they are death and taxes. Dire economy presses companies and people to obtain more deductions and look with greater intensity at their books.
• Federal government. The chances of getting and keeping a government job grow in times of recession, due to the tendency of government services to step up. And once in, your federal government job will end only when you retire.
• Pharmaceuticals. People, who fall sick, have to use drugs doctors prescribe. So, having a job in the lab or at a pharmacy, you can rest easy.
• Funerals. People will never stop dying, so morticians will never be short of customers, no matter how dire the economy is.

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